5 Charities win with RUBIS Guyana

RUBIS celebrated the work of five charities as part of their recently concluded Win With RUBIS, You Deserve It! fuel promotion.

There were five grand prize winners. A component of each grand prize was a $100,000 donation to a registered charity. The winners selected their charity and the donations took place recently.

Grand prize winner Osafo Fortune chose Joshua’s House Children Centre for his charity. Elroy Vankennie decided to support St John Bosco Orphanage. Punowtie Atmadeo chose the Guyana Relief Council. Red Cross Convalescent Home was the choice for Stephon Gabriel and Rajesh Sookra supported the Ruimveldt Children’s Aid Centre.

Joylyn Johnson, RUBIS Retail Accounts Executive stated that the novel philanthropic segment incorporated into the 2020 promotion was a welcoming and creative gesture by RUBIS. She explained, “During 2020, many charities faced a double edged sword. On one hand, there was an increase in demand for charitable actions which was exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic while on the other hand, their fund raising capacity was curtailed. Although the initiative arose from RUBIS, both grand prize winners and the recipient charities were quite appreciative of the gesture. As a company it warms our heart to see that a child is able to get another meal, a family who suffered losses from fire can get some relief, an elderly person convalescing in a home can be made more comfortable from our contributions.”