Let's fly together

The aviation industry is fundamental to the connection of countries all over the world. It affects global commerce, cultural exchange, trade and economics, politics and human development.

Through our support and progression of the aviation industry, RUBIS is dedicated to keeping people and places connected. We provide fuel, staffing and training, while bringing a depth of experience to Airport facilities in which we operate.

Today, RUBIS is a leading supplier of premium aviation fuels in the Caribbean to 19 airport locations. We are a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and in this capacity serve as a Strategic Partner to the Airlines.

Over the next few years, RUBIS expects to continue our investment in the aviation business in the Caribbean. This will include storage, hydrant systems, re-fuelling equipment, and entry into new locations.

We’re excited to play a major role in the future of aviation in the Caribbean.

RUBIS Caribbean Airports

Interested in knowing a bit more?

This is the list of airports where we supply aviation fuel across the Eastern, Western and French Caribbean.

Eastern Caribbean

French Caribbean

Western Caribbean