Rubis Caribbean’s head office is located in Barbados and the Managing Director is Mauricio Nicholls. Over 200 persons are employed across the English speaking Caribbean. Our various departments include Shipping, Supply and Trading, Aviation, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Information Technology. Our highly qualified teams are strongly motivated by Rubis’ entrepreneurial approach in which the employees are encouraged to think local and constantly seek opportunities to grow the business. We are always looking to grow our business and have created new positions, growing our regional head count since assuming business in the Caribbean. We have a strong commitment to the local communities in which we operate and have supported various social and charitable organisations in all our markets.

RUBIS Aviation is a leading supplier of premium aviation fuels in the Caribbean, supplying high quality jet fuel and aviation gasoline to 20 airports across the Caribbean. The Rubis Shipping, Supply and Trading function is based in Barbados and supports the core business by trading refined fuels. Our products are shipped to various destinations across the Caribbean and we pride ourselves in being a safe and reliable fuel supplier for many countries in the region.

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