Educational goals boosted by smart TV gifts from TeamRUBIS

The mission to advance education by integrating technology into the teaching and learning process for students at two institutions in St Lucia has been boosted thanks to a donation of smart TVs from Team RUBIS.

The beneficiaries were the Des Barras Combined School, which was presented with two 43” smart televisions, and the Fond St Jacques Day Care Centre, which received one 50”. 

Des Barras Combined School, located in the northern community of Babonneau, serves a roll of 52 students, and the Fond St Jacques Day Care, in the picturesque community of Soufriere, caters to a roll of 33 children all under the age of 5.

RUBIS Accounts Executive, Chriselda Norbal said: “We are happy to be able to support the students’ learning experience both at the Des Barras Combined School and Fond St. Jacques Day Care Centre. The children are the future and we want to nurture them and help them grow in all ways possible.  Des Barras Combined is one of the smaller schools on the island, so we are delighted that we can contribute to helping the students and teachers reach their educational goals.”  

In expressing gratitude for the tech donation, Principal Ezra Joseph of Des Barras Combined School said the students were indeed faced with the reality that using technology is not just in the future, but a very present reality.  “Their ability to interact with technology in a positive way is vital to their development. The push in education is to integrate technology into the teaching and learning process, thereby allowing students to blossom into 21st century thinkers and movers. This change in mindset thus places learning in their hands and serves to motivate them to solve problems they encounter,” said Principal Joseph.  Elaborating on his plans for putting the TV sets to good use, Principal Joseph said students would view videos, conduct research and even display findings to their classmates.  “No longer should the teacher’s phone or a small tablet be used to expose students to information on a class level. We express our deepest gratitude for your contribution to the students of this small community and this school. With a caring and supportive organization like the RUBIS family, we know that our children are in good hands. Thank you RUBIS, and we look forward to your continued support.”

Martha Calixte, Supervisor at the Fond St Jacques Day Care Centre, said: “We the staff and children of the Fond St Jacques Day Care Centre, are extremely grateful to RUBIS for donating this 50” television. This donation will make our children’s learning more effective and enjoyable, especially with modern technology.”