Family Christmas wishes come true as Team RUBIS Guyana gives to Remember We Care

The Christmas wishes of several families have come true with Remember We Care (RWC) organization’s “Wishmas” Christmas project, and Team RUBIS. The project sought to give deserving families something they actually wished for at Christmas, and RUBIS Guyana donated US$2,200 to make the wishes of 15 of those families a reality.

RWC is a not-for-profit organization comprised of a team of forward-thinking volunteers, who pool available resources to help to transform the livelihood of families across several communities. The organization has an excellent track record of galvanizing support.

Joylyn Johnson, RUBIS Retail Accounts Executive, commended RWC for launching the initiative. She said they were pleased to embrace the Wishmas concept, as a unique initiative to identify vulnerable families. “Unlike many other charitable requests, this provided an opportunity to satisfy specific wishes from families, as opposed to arbitrarily giving them something based on our own assumption of need. We found the rationale behind the wishes to be very touching, and this motivated us to devote considerable time and effort in fulfilling the wishes. Seeing smiles of joy from the recipients receiving something they really needed for their families made the donation even more worthwhile.”

Team RUBIS fulfilled wishes for a range of items including: bicycles, television sets, mattresses, stoves, microwave, printers, tablets, bed linens, bath towels and toiletries.

Dacia Blackmoore, Founder/Project Coordinator of RWC, in expressing appreciation noted that it was because of the generosity of RUBIS, and their faith in RWC’s project, that they were able to fulfill the wishes of the recipients. “The passion and care of companies like yours, keeps us going and we are forever humbled and grateful. We look forward to working with you in 2023 and onward.”