Fleet Card

RUBISCARD fuels your fleet

We assist you with fleet management that's convenient and efficient.
When you operate a business with deliveries, dispatch a roving sales or service team, or even offer the benefit of executive vehicles, efficient fuel management is a real priority in your day-to-day logistics. With your convenience in mind, we developed the RUBISCARD. Accepted at all RUBIS Service Stations for Ultra Tec Fuel only (select service stations in St. Lucia), the RUBISCARD also gives you online features that allow you to conveniently track your fuel consumption.

You have the ability to set predetermined controls for each card by fuel type, location, quantity or amount. The RUBISCARD empowers you to significantly improve the security of your fleet purchases.

The RUBISCARD is available for business customers in Barbados, Grenada, Guyana and St. Lucia with fleets of 3 vehicles or more.

Here's how RUBISCARD directly benefits your business

RUBISCARD is more secure
  • It’s safer than carrying cash, credit or debit cards.
  • It minimises error and fraud.
  • It reduces administrative time and cost.
RUBISCARD gives you more control
  • You can set individual card limits.
  • You can restrict fuel purchases by product type.
  • You can maximise control over your fleet fuel purchases.
RUBISCARD is more convenient
  • It allows you to track purchases in real time online.
  • You receive one monthly fleet statement to review.

Special Offer

$500 Credit*

*Sign up before May 31, 2024 with 5 vehicles or more and get a bonus $500 credit!