New School Year greeted with smiles thanks to RUBIS’ support for literacy

Students from the Kuru Kuru Primary School greeted the new school year with smiles, and the little ones at the Sophia Children’s Home were also joyful as RUBIS Guyana continued its support for youth literacy and wellbeing with donations for both institutions.

The donations of school supplies were made through the Youth Literacy Programme of the National Coordinating Coalition and included backpacks, books, pencil cases, water bottles and other vital supplies.

Joylyn Johnson, Retail Accounts Executive, RUBIS Guyana, said initiatives to support literacy and assist students in preparation for the new school term were a staple on RUBIS’ corporate social responsibility calendar. She said RUBIS wished students from all schools across Guyana a progressive and fruitful new school year.

“This year, we extended our philanthropy to Sophia Children’s Home and Kuru Kuru Primary, targeting children between ages 6 and 15. It was a heartwarming experience stemming from the feedback of teachers and caregivers, and especially the responses from the students, as RUBIS brought smiles, giggles, cheers, hugs and other gratifying outbursts of emotion from the children.”

Amelia Nials, Head Mistress of Kuru Kuru Primary, said the donations were well received by parents and teachers.

“We greatly appreciate RUBIS for attending to the needs of so many children who are often without such supplies. This has surely put a smile on the faces of the parents, children and teachers at Kuru Kuru Primary School. We would also like to thank RUBIS in advance for any future assistance to the children and school.”

Arielle Gordon, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of the National Coordinating Coalition, said the donation was timely in ensuring that students were prepared for the school year.

“The National Coordinating Coalition sincerely thanks RUBIS Guyana for its recent contribution to our Youth Literacy Programme. This generous donation of essential school supplies will significantly aid in preparing the students for the upcoming academic year. Such acts of kindness enable parents to direct their limited financial resources to other vital areas. We greatly appreciate the support provided by RUBIS, and we look forward to collaborating with them in the future to further our mission of enhancing the educational opportunities available to our youth.”

Sophia Children’s Home caters to less fortunate children who attend a community learning centre operated by the National Coordinating Coalition, an NGO that coordinates assistance for disadvantaged youth