Peruvian Vale RUBIS Tops Customer Service in St. Vincent

RUBIS continues to focus on the delivery of excellent service at its service stations through its Customer Pulse Rewards Program (CPRP), which is designed to educate, motivate and reward RUBIS service station employees when they consistently deliver outstanding service to customers. Service standards at each station are measured through this mystery shopper program throughout the year and the employees of the top stations achieving the highest scores are rewarded.

Peruvian Vale RUBIS Service Station, Peruvian Vale, copped first place in the Customer Pulse 2023 program. St. Vincent Motors RUBIS Service Station, Arnos Vale, took second place. These two teams have commanded one of the top two spots for excellent customer service over the past seven years, demonstrating appreciation for their customers while making customer service excellence an integral part of their business operations.

On presentation of the awards to staff, Evadnie Creese, Manager at Peruvian Vale Service Station, noted, “The management and staff of Peruvian Vale RUBIS are humbled to be the 2023 winners of the RUBIS Customer Pulse program. I must say despite the odds we faced operationally, the Service Ambassadors were very much motivated and determined in executing the classroom training they received. They were also committed to the task of delighting the customers and making the customer’s experience a memorable one.”

Loren Gun-Munro, Manager at St. Vincent Motors RUBIS commented, “I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate my staff for a sterling performance in the Customer Pulse program, leading them to placing second. Also, I want to thank RUBIS for the incentives, support and guidance provided during the course of the program.”

Elroy Edwards, RUBIS Accounts Executive, congratulated the staff and management of the top stations, thanking them for committing to providing customers with a consistent standard of excellent service. He noted, “I take this opportunity to congratulate the staff and management of Peruvian Vale and St. Vincent Motors RUBIS, the winners in our Customer Pulse program for 2023. I also want to go beyond by extending congratulations to all retailers who continue to make the effort in ensuring that we deliver exceptional customer service to our customers. It is my hope that we continue the momentum as we aspire to deliver an even higher standard of service to all our customers in 2024.”