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    What is Pure95?
    Currently available in Guyana, Pure95 with Ultra Tec is a high octane gasoline specifically formulated to clean your engine valves, remove engine deposits, maximize your fuel economy and save you money.
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    How does Pure95 differ from other gasoline on the market in Guyana?
    Pure95 is a higher quality gasoline, which can prevent potential damage to your vehicle. Pure95 with Ultra Tec is specifically formulated to clean your vehicle’s engine valves and combustion chamber by removing deposits. Its improved fuel and engine efficiency increases the performance of your vehicle, resulting in less build up in the combustion chamber, saving you money.
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    Will Pure95 be the only gasoline available at RUBIS Service Stations in Guyana?
    Yes, Pure95 will be available only for gasoline purchases.
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    What are some of the benefits of using Pure95?
    This fuel efficient gasoline is good for your vehicle and your pocket! It cleans important engine parts by helping to eliminate deposits from the engine valve. This specially formulated additive.

    • Prevents engine knocks
    • Saves you money
    • Greater fuel efficiency
    • Improves vehicle performance

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    How can I identify Pure95 at RUBIS Service Stations?
    Look out for our new “Pure95” signage at the pump and at the service station.