RUBIS 2022 Internship Participants visit the Helle-Kosan Vessel

As the RUBIS Summer Internship program resumed after two years, the nine-week program is focused on prepping seven up and coming young professionals for the world of work. The internship program also includes some out of the ordinary activities. One such activity included a tour on July 18, 2022, to visit a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) tanker vessel, the Helle-Kosan. The capacity of the Helle-Kosan is twenty-one thousand barrels of LPG, and it delivers this fuel to around nine countries in the Eastern Caribbean. On arrival into Barbados, the vessel was anchored off the RUBIS Spring Garden Terminal in the bay area. The interns were thrilled by the experience. They had to take a boat from the beach to the ship and accessed the vessel by climbing up the ladder on the outside. Aboard the Helle-Kosan, the interns were greeted by Captain Amador Juesas and crew who welcomed them aboard and gave them a tour.

The interns were shown the emergency escape procedures and the precautions that should be taken in event of a fire on board the vessel. They were informed that there is a carbon dioxide room on board that is used to combat fires. They learned about how LPG is transported to the island, which is done by a floating hose. The floating hose is carried out from the terminal and connected to another hose attached to the vessel. While on-board the Helle-Kosan, the interns were introduced to the navigation control system, visited the control room and learned about the operations of the ship. In addition, they were shown the large tanks used for storing the LPG.

RUBIS Intern Aaliyah Gooding, who has recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology at the University of the West Indies, noted that “The tour was an educational experience which showed us how LPG is brought into Barbados, the multiple procedures used to ensure its safety on board the vessel and its safe transport to the holding cylinders before distribution. It was a great, fun experience.”