RUBIS Barbados fuels Roving Response Team

RUBIS has made a donation to the Roving Response Team to support its very worthy work throughout the community.

The energy company gifted $1000 in Ultra Tec fuel vouchers which will assist the team in its travels and training sessions which are currently being conducted with volunteers for the 2022 hurricane season. Amina Green, Retail Accounts Executive, RUBIS explained. “The work of the Roving Response Team is vital to assisting those in need during times of crisis. We are pleased to be able to support the efforts of these civic-minded volunteers.”

The Roving Response Team is a charitable non-profit organisation that has been serving the Barbadian community for over 25 years by assisting the Department of Emergency Management during natural disasters. Members were kept busy in 2021 between the cleanup after the freak storm in June, ashfall from the La Soufriere volcano and Hurricane Elsa and assistance with the Covid-19 response efforts.