RUBIS Celebrate Arbor Day

L-R Celebrating Arbor Day –  Gabrielle Barrow, Marketing Coordinator, RUBIS and Andrea Gooding

RUBIS employees recently got their hands dirty in support of International Arbor Day by donating and planting 50 cabbage palms along the highway near to The University of the West Indies and around the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium.

Andrea Gooding Marketing Manager, RUBIS explained, “Team RUBIS is always eager to support the enhancement of our environment and these quintessential Caribbean palms will not only beautify the areas but are relatively drought resistant.”

Barney Gibbs, a volunteer with the Future Trees arm of the Future Centre Trust, thanked RUBIS for their support and looks forward to more corporate support for the project.   Mr Gibbs explained, “These cabbage palms are one of only two species considered to be indigenous to Barbados and therefore based on its evolution are very well suited to our climate.” This donation is a continued effort by RUBIS to support a greener Barbados.