RUBIS Grenada Assists Students

RUBIS recently presented the Grenada Community Development Agency (GRENCODA) with a cheque for EC$6,800 in support to their Student Assistance Program (SAP). GRENCODA is a non-profit, non-governmental agency committed to the development of Grenada’s rural communities by providing guidance and support to improve their quality of life. This is done by encouraging participation in community-based initiatives to build self-reliance. One such initiative is the SAP which was created in order to use education as a tool for upward mobility and poverty eradication.

Judy Williams, General Secretary of GRENCODA, explained that due to the pandemic many households were struggling financially with persons losing their jobs or experiencing pay cuts. Ms. Williams said, “One of the main areas which has been impacted is our educational system with many students either attending partial classes or participating in e-learning sessions.” She added, “Additionally, parents are finding it challenging to pay the upcoming examination registration fees required of them for their children to sit the 2021 CXC and CSEC programs.” The SAP assists these families through financial support for educational costs including examination fees.

Charles Archer, Country Manager, RUBIS said, “TeamRUBIS is pleased to assist GRENCODA in their efforts to supply textbooks and support the Student Assistance Program.” He added, “We are pleased that our contribution will assist in providing opportunities for those in need in rural communities to pursue secondary education and take examinations that make it possible to aim for higher learning.”

Benny Langaigne, Deputy General Secretary, in expressing the gratitude of GRENCODA to Rubis said the ongoing support provided is even more meaningful this year as COVID-19 has made it more challenging for students of low income parents and households with a chance and the hope to accomplish and fulfill their dreams. He stated, “This Rubis contribution will help tremendously so we must thank the company for seeing it fit to provide this expression of generosity.”

During 2020, RUBIS remained committed to support important social initiatives in the regional countries in which they operate, including Grenada. Their Covid-19 relief efforts included PPE to essential workers as well as tablets to the Ministry of Education. Donations were also made to various organisations including GARP and GNCD to assist in their efforts to support persons affected during the pandemic.