Rubis Grenada Donates PPE To The Ministry Of Health

RUBIS is playing their part to ensure Grenada’s first responders remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charles Archer, Country Representative, Rubis Grenada, recently presented the Hon. Nicholas Steele, Minister of Health with vital medical supplies for the country’s frontline workers. The supplies included 5000 surgical masks and 2000 medical gloves. Minister Steele said, “This contribution by RUBIS is a prime example of when a private corporation can provide support through Government for the better good of the country.” He added, “To provide these items while experiencing its own difficulties in the petroleum sector due to the effect of the pandemic on the economy is seen by the Government as very commendable.”

The provision of essential personal protective equipment (PPE) is part of a regional effort that RUBIS has undertaken in the Eastern Caribbean to ensure the countries in which they operate have continued supplies of these critical items. Mr Archer explained, “RUBIS is pleased to have the opportunity to make this donation of gloves and PPE masks to assist our frontline emergency workers who daily face the risks associated with leading the fight against COVID-19, to ensure the entire country is kept safe to overcome this virus. We hope this donation will go a long way in protecting them and their families.”

Throughout the pandemic, RUBIS Grenada has been working diligently to ensure their Terminal operations remain open and employees are kept safe at work whilst providing an essential service to their fuel and LPG customers. Increased safety measures have been introduced at their Grand Mal and MBIA terminals. At the service stations, they have provided face masks for all service station attendants to wear to mitigate the spread of the virus and also installed COVID-19 signage at the fuel pumps and inside the store to remind customers on safe practices. More frequent cleaning of high touch areas has been implemented so customers can be reassured they are safe when visiting the 12 Rubis locations across the island.