RUBIS Grenada supports vulnerable groups during COVID-19

Rubis Caribbean has provided financial support to the Grenada Association of Retired Persons (GARP) and the Grenada National Council of the Disabled (GNCD) to assist with the challenges their members have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The donation to GARP coincided with the celebration of the Association’s 10th anniversary and provides timely assistance to this group who has been identified as a high risk in the fight against COVID-19.

Charles Archer, Rubis Country Representative explained. “Rubis Caribbean is very concerned for the welfare of this group of vulnerable persons some of whom have underlying health concerns due to their age.” He added, “We also know that COVID-19 presents new challenges for retirees whose main source of income is the pension they receive from the Government and therefore we are pleased to provide this support to the Grenada Association of Retired Persons where we know the funds will be used with care.”

Carol Vazquez, President of GARP thanked Rubis for their generosity as they continue to serve the needs of the most vulnerable generation. He said, “Coupled with the stress of the pandemic, it is forecasted that the Caribbean is due to have a very active hurricane season for which some seniors are not fully prepared. As a result of this, GARP plans used the donation to supply hurricane disaster kits comprising of non-perishable food items, torches and some first aid supplies to vulnerable seniors.”

Established in July 2010, GARP is a self-funded, non-profit group with a mission to offer learning opportunities, social activities and support for elderly Grenadians and the needy. In the last few years the organisation has expanded their services for seniors which has also increased membership.

The energy company also assisted the GNCD with a cheque to support their food hamper drive which seeks to assist those in this vulnerable group who have lost their main sources of income.

In making the presentation, Charles Archer said, “All of us can increase our own awareness, education and commitment to disability rights by listening to and supporting disability-led organisations.” He added, “Rubis is touched and happy to provide this support to the disabled community and their dependents as they overcome the new challenges posed by COVID-19.”

In accepting the donation on behalf of the council, Hillary Gabriel, a social worker, expressed sincere thanks to the management and staff of Rubis for their contribution towards the food hampers. “It is indeed timely and well accepted in the disabled community and as a result of your act of kindness, these persons with health conditions will not have to leave their home unnecessarily risking their health or the health of their family members,” She added. “We applaud the unwavering and invaluable contribution of Rubis Caribbean. who is always ready and willing to assist the vulnerable through their corporate social responsibility initiatives.”

The GNCD is an umbrella organisation now in its 35th year, which advocates for the rights and equality of the disabled while also offering them services and skills training. Many disabled Grenadians make income from selling handicrafts, a skill which they learnt through the council. A lot of their sales were to tourists so with that market being impacted due to COVID-19 their livelihoods have been negatively compromised.