RUBIS Guyana assists elder care facility

TeamRUBIS made a donation of much needed appliances to the Gentlewomen’s Relief Association. The Gentlewomen’s Relief Association is a home that provides boarding and lodging for elderly ladies in a comfortable and caring environment.

The donation included a freezer and microwave. In making the presentation, Joylyn Johnson, RUBIS Accounts Executive, commented, “RUBIS is pleased to continue our solid track record of lending a helping hand to organisations, entities and communities in Guyana. We try to share our resources with a wide cross section of people as we recognise that there are many unsung heroes who toil everyday with miniscule resources to bring comfort to people who are facing difficulties. We reached out to the Association to provide some support for the occupants of the home and find out what was needed. It is our hope that the items donated will ease the burden of the caregivers and assist in the day to day operations of the Home.”

President of the Gentlewomen’s Relief Association, Anna Lisa Fraser Phang, expressed the Association’s gratitude for the donation, stating, “Your timely assistance means that we can continue to do what we do best – look after our ladies and ensure that they continue to live out their twilight years in comfort and peace. They have contributed so much to the betterment of our lives. It is time that we now look after them in their time of need.”