TeamRUBIS has made a donation to the Guyana Marine Conservation Society (GMCS) as it embarks on a research project to assess birds, fish and sea turtles in the Barima-Mora Passage. The project aims to garner support for this area to be nominated as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Achieving this feat will bring Guyana in alignment with all other countries in South America that currently have UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Guyana’s most intact mangrove ecosystems are found in the Barima-Mora Passage and it is home to a number of endangered species, rich biodiversity, and incredible indigenous culture.

This exciting project will be spearheaded by Anette Arjoon-Martins and will be will be led by four young female Guyanese scientists: Maria Fraser who specialises in marine sciences, biology and agricultural science; Ivana Thompson, a specialist in marine biology with emphasis on marine turtles; Felicia Collins who specialises in marine biology and community development and Hanan Lachmansingh, a specialist in environmental science and anthropology. All of the human resource support for this endeavour will come from indigenous women located in the hinterlands of Guyana.

In making the presentation of a cheque for US$4,000, Joylyn Johnson, Accounts Executive, RUBIS expressed pride at being associated with the project, stating, “We are pleased to support these young women who are breaking new ground while being a part of activities that promote good environmental stewardship and assisting in capacity building of our indigenous people.”

In receiving the donation, Mrs. Arjoon-Martins of the GMCS thanked RUBIS, stating, “The GMCS wishes to express its gratitude for the donation by RUBIS which will provide support for the transportation needs for monitoring and oversight of a community research tourism development initiative at the Warrau community of Imbetero in Region 1.” She explained that transportation costs made up a large part of the project’s budget and the donation would go a long way in offsetting those costs.

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