RUBIS Guyana Supports E-Learning

RUBIS Guyana continues to support youth development through access to education, with a recent presentation of electronic devices to the National Coordinating Coalition Inc. (NCC).

Joylyn Johnson and Denise Reid from RUBIS presenting the laptops and mobile routers to Simone Sills, Executive Director of the NCC

The energy company donated 10 HP 15.6” laptops along with ten Mobile MiFi devices to the NCC to assist with their Numeracy and Literacy for In School Youth program. The donation was made as part of the company’s response to support COVID-19 relief efforts and is the second contribution of educational devices to support online learning for students. In response to the donation, Simone Sills, Executive Director, NCC commented, “The NGO National Coordinating Coalition Inc. (NCC) is heartened by the generosity and thoughtfulness of RUBIS in responding to an acute need. The quick response to the request for resources required to bridge the educational gap in responding to the challenge brought about by COVID-19 is most appreciated. The donation will provide students that attend NCC’s remedial classes with the ability to engage more readily in distance learning in a manner they couldn’t have previously.”

The donation was made as the need for devices to support online learning is critical, especially for those students who did not have access to devices or the internet. Ms. Sills explained, “This donation is not only timely but necessary as the students who will benefit were at a disadvantage by learning lost due to the disruption in face-to-face classes, coupled with the fact that many of them were performing below their grade level prior to the disruption. The heavy expectation for students and parents alike to take a more active role initiating self-learning and monitoring progress has been a daunting task for those with limited resources and capabilities both in sourcing online materials and following scheduled classes with no access to personal computers or internet within the confines of their homes. Thanks to the donation from Rubis the gap is now lessened for twenty students who will have shared resources dedicated to their learning. We trust that other private sector entities could join the collaborative effort with NGOs to provide support to students during this unprecedented time, that requires all of us to act in concert to ensure those less fortunate can be given the support they need to rise to the challenge that threatens their ability to become productive citizens in their communities and by extension their country.”

Joylyn Johnson, RUBIS Retail Accounts Executive lauded the work of the organization. She said, “The NCC’s community outreach programs are well known and they have been able to assist many in a very tangible way as we all seek to battle the impact COVID-19 has had on all of us especially our most vulnerable.” In addition to the devices valued at over $1.2m, RUBIS also donated tablets to Diamond Primary School and made contributions in 2020 to Generation Next, the Ministry of Public Health, Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and the Civil Defense Commission to augment the costs associated with assisting frontline workers and vulnerable families in the community.