RUBIS Happy To Be In The Region

Rubis Caribbean’s strong reputation in the region has come in for high praise from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and he anticipates a solid working relationship with the oil and lubricants giant.

He heaped accolades on the company during a meeting with Rubis Caribbean’s Chief Executive Officer, Mauricio Nicholls, who was accompanied by Chief Financial Officer, Fred Royer, and Aviation Sales Manager, Hutson Inniss, at Ilaro Court yesterday.

The Prime Minister, who congratulated the company on its “mighty reputation” said he looked forward to working with Rubis and thanked them for “having the confidence in Barbados to want to be here”.

Likewise, Mr. Nicholls said Rubis had enjoyed a rich relationship with the officials in the Ministries of Finance and Energy as all parties worked collaboratively to support initiatives that were beneficial to the environment.

“We are very proud that our headquarters for doing business is located in Barbados and we thank you for welcoming Rubis and for allowing us to do business here,” he added.

The Rubis officials also discussed a number of issues with the Prime Minister including plans to extend its community outreach activities.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Stuart was presented with a token of appreciation from the company.