RUBIS St Lucia improves learning experiences at Balata Primary

RUBIS continues to support the development of education in St Lucia. The company recently presented a Xerox multi-function printer to the students and teachers of Balata Primary School, enabling them to prepare students’ examination papers, updates for parents and other key information pieces.

During the presentation at the school, Chriselda Norbal, Account Executive RUBIS, handed over the printer, valued at $7,000, to the principal, teachers and students. She explained, “Team RUBIS has always worked to provide assistance in the community in many areas, including education. We are pleased that the printer will be helpful in improving the timely communication between the school and parents as well as will benefit the students and their schoolwork.”

Peter Daniel, Principal of Balata Primary, which has a student roll of 217, explained the institution prides itself on producing well-rounded individuals who will in turn grow into good citizens. The principal said, “It has been a challenge for us to print material on a large scale within the school and we have had to outsource this activity, which was not always successful based on our timelines and we therefore thought it prudent to obtain our own printer.” He added, “To this end we are very thankful and elated that RUBIS has made this generous gift to our school and on behalf of the students, staff and the community of Balata I would like to express my profound gratitude.”