RUBIS observes fifth anniversary

FIVE years ago the Rubis retail brand did not exist anywhere in the world, but today it has emerged as the preferred brand for 14 countries within the Caribbean.This sentiment was shared by Rubis Caribbean Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mauricio Nicholls at the company’s fifth anniversary celebration at the Aura Bar and Lounge, Pegasus, Thursday night.
The occasion was graced by the presence of Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin and Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson.

Nicholls said the speed with which the company has rebranded was impressive as the image was clean, modern and appealing.

“Almost overnight we created the best looking fuel-retail network in our countries. Consumers who saw their previous product brand disappear overnight immediately embraced our Rubis brand, an accomplishment that is extremely hard to achieve.”
In Guyana, the company has doubled it diesel-storage capacity with the addition of a 30,000 BBL tank.

“We also doubled our LPG storage capacity and modernised our fuel-loading bay for trucks and installed equipment to load barges with fuel oil… we also improved the traffic flow at our Ramsburg terminal for easier egress for fuel trucks and added a brand new fuel truck to ensure safe and reliable fuel deliveries to customers,” the CEO emphasised.

Adding that in 2011 the investment in Guyana had exceeded US$8M, he said growth and investment here have resulted in an additional 71 employees in the region, excluding indirect employment.
Underscoring that the fuel company is on board with President David Granger’s five ‘Bs’ programme, Nicholls said in April this year, Rubis donated a 25-seater boat (David G 6) to the village of Baracara for the transportation of schoolchildren in the rural area.

In 2015, he said the fuel company partnered with the Guyana Technical Institute to support their mechanical department by refurbishing two workshops, donating advanced tool sets, while offering technical training on the use of lubricants.
In addition, the Deaf Association of Guyana was furnished with table tennis equipment and football uniforms in support of their sports programme.
“Our company culture values strong performance and embraces those who have a passion for winning, take initiatives and have a humble attitude. Above all, Team Rubis enjoys having fun in all we do. The strong relationships and the company culture we have built are very solid foundations for our future success,” Nicholls said.

Minister Gaskin encouraged the company to expand its investments in Guyana.
Rubis is a French-based international private limited company founded in 1990. It is the leading supplier of aviation fuel in the Caribbean, supplying high-quality jet fuel at 17 regional airports.

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