Rubis offers support to the Royal Grenada Police Force Band

Rubis recently presented the Royal Grenada Police Force Band with a donation towards their 12th annual Christmas Brass event. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the event had to be postponed and is due to take place in 2021, once it is safe to do so, observing all safety protocols.

Band Master, Inspector Ethon Francis, said, “This $2000 contribution towards our annual event is most appreciated and worthy of endless commendation. As a corporate body, the commitment of Rubis to the cause of promoting a special evening of music for the public, helps strengthen our community policing philosophy.” He went on to say that the event also helps to encourage the youth to use music as a positive option or alternative for their development and this is indeed a noble cause

Rubis Country Representative, Charles Archer stated, “We are pleased that we were able to provide support for yet another performance by the Band as comments from patrons after every show profess the positive impact of this event.” He expressed happiness to see the improvement it brings to community relations and looked forward to the event being a reality very soon.