RUBIS spreads joy at Christmas

Rubis Suriname recently assisted the Betheljada Foundation in making Christmas a happy one for those who call it home by sponsoring their annual Christmas party . Operating since 1979, the Foundation offers a loving home and a range of care-related services for children and young adults with severe multiple disabilities. The current residents range in age from 5 to 45 years.

Euan Irving, Sales Manager, Rubis West Indies Limited , explained that Rubis had been approached by the Director of the Betheljada Foundation about supporting the event . Mr. Irving said, “We are pleased to support the Foundation this Christmas as they continue to positively impact others. I found it very heartwarming to see how the residents enjoyed themselves and I have a lot of respect for the work that is being done there to make life as comfortable as possible for them.” In addition to providing the mini-horse and cart rides and seasonal refreshments, Rubis was responsible for the Christmas decorations as well as the donation of personal grooming kits for the residents in the form of combs and brushes.

Director of the Betheljada Foundation Bryan Lalay thanked Rubis for supporting the event as the Foundation relies on donations in order to bring many of its plans to fruition.

During 2020, Team Rubis supported both the AZP Hospital and the Bureau of Public Health with donations of personal protective equipment for frontline health workers to help in the fight against the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.