RUBIS St Vincent spreads Christmas cheer in the community

During the Christmas season TeamRUBIS continued their annual tradition of donating food baskets to communities in St. Vincent. This year, the team journeyed to Fancy, Owia, London and Sandy Bay to spread some festive cheer to fifty disadvantaged families living in these areas. Santa also joined TeamRUBIS and distributed holiday treats to the children in these areas, much to their delight.

Eighty-eight year old Paulita Lockart from Fancy was so excited to see Santa that she exclaimed, “Santa come to Fancy? Santa has visited me in my birth month of December. I only see Santa on TV but Santa is in Fancy. I am grateful for whatever Santa brings me. I did not expect this! Santa even brought me sweeties and chocolate. I am so happy.” Elka Batiste-May of Sandy Bay said she was grateful for the food package, explaining, “Our house got severely damaged during the volcano so we are using stone to hold the roof but we are still getting wet . My brother and his disabled child live with us because their house got completely destroyed and I am helping take care of him. This food hamper would certainly let off some of the burden from us.”

Elroy Edwards, Account Executive, RUBIS explained that this is the eighth consecutive year that RUBIS is distributing food hampers to elderly and disadvantaged persons in the community. He continued, “Having this opportunity to give back to the communities that have mostly been impacted by the La Soufriere volcanic eruptions is truly one of the best feelings anyone can have. Between the volcanic eruption and the Covid pandemic, we have seen countless families affected by loss of livelihood, jobs, homes, even loss of family members. To be able to provide even a modicum of happiness and Christmas cheer to one person this season would have brought us great joy but knowing we have done so to over 50 needy persons and numerous children in the North Windward community is heartwarming.”