RUBIS Supports Regional Biennial Science Fair 2020 – Guyana

The Department of Education in Guyana recently hosted its Regional Biennial Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Fair 2020 with support from RUBIS Guyana Inc.
Over the years, RUBIS has given much support to the Department of Education Region 4 whether at the administrative level or at the level of individual schools located within this catchment area. From athletics championship to school fairs, to recognizing outstanding academic performances RUBIS played a role as a good corporate citizen and will continue to do so.

Rhonda Johnson of RUBIS explained, “This is our second time contributing to the Department’s biennial STEAM fair which we believe is an excellent platform for children to unleash their inner creativity under the stewardship of their teachers. We witnessed all types of innovation: from taking a 1 litre bottle and converting it into a piggy bank; to using drip irrigation which assists with water conservation; to extracting oil from the neem plant and creating by-products such as candles; to a primary school student explaining the upstream oil and gas sector and a host of other initiatives. 

We would like to commend the efforts displayed at the fair and hope that the children will continue to pursue what they started and see their creativity as a conduit for entrepreneurship. We also applaud the efforts of the teachers whose dedication and commitment encourages the children to explore their natural inquisitiveness as a means to broadening their knowledge and understanding of science.”