RUBIS Suriname supports breast cancer awareness campaign

TeamRUBIS Suriname recently made a donation of US$1,850 to The Pink Ribbon Suriname Foundation to support their efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer in Suriname. Breast cancer remains the most common form of cancer among women in Suriname and the Foundation’s goal in 2022 is to launch a series of awareness videos, encouraging women to take a preventative approach to health by means of early recognition of symptoms to emphasise the importance of regular breast self-examinations. The money donated will go towards creating these videos, due to launch to the public later this year.

While making the donation, Euan Irving, RUBIS Sales Manager, stated, “We are happy to support the production of breast cancer awareness educational videos. I am aware that during the COVID-19 pandemic, attention was focused on other medical conditions.” He added, “It is therefore very important that we refocus our efforts. RUBIS looks forward to the awareness campaign in October when the videos will be aired on the local multimedia platforms and hope that this will contribute to the health of women in Suriname.”

Jennifer Bromet, President of the Foundation, expressed thanks to RUBIS for the donation. She explained that the awareness videos will support the Foundation’s mandate of early detection, saying, “The purpose of showing images is to raise awareness and reduce the risks of developing this disease. Much can be gained from educational awareness videos in providing preventative health care to Surinamese women.” Ms Bromet shared that the cost of developing quality visual material is a significant investment and the Foundation hoped that RUBiS’ gesture would motivate other companies to contribute to the important goal of prevention and awareness of breast cancer in Suriname.