RUBIS Takes Action to Reduce Carbon Emissions

RUBIS Energie, the parent company of RUBIS Caribbean, has committed to reducing its carbon footprint by the year 2030 by 30%, using 2019 as the baseline.  The major focus areas are emissions related to shipping and land based fuel transport.  The RUBIS Caribbean owned vessel, Morbihan, and two other time charter shipping vessels recently commenced the use of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) 100 as bunker fuel.  HVO 100 is a fossil fuel free premium diesel product made of renewable raw materials which cuts the carbon emission from 50% to 90% when compared to traditional bunkering fuels such as marine diesel or fuel oil.  The use of HVO in these three vessels represents a CO2 saving of approximately 500 metric tonnes per month and reflects the commitment by the organization to do its part to protect and preserve the environment.  The long-term strategy will be to continue using bio fuels or other low carbon emission fuels to bunker the RUBIS fleet of shipping vessels used in the Caribbean.