Saint Lucia Carnival achieving success with support from Team RUBIS

The recent successful Saint Lucia Carnival 2023 was enhanced by the support of RUBIS Caribbean, which has been recognised as vital to achieving the goals of the national festival.

This appreciation came from Chair of the Carnival Planning and Management Committee, Tamara Gibson, speaking as she accepted a donation of ECD $6000 ahead of the climax of Carnival Celebrations on July 17th and 18th.

Gibson stated: “The Carnival Planning and Management Committee is happy to partner with RUBIS for Carnival Saint Lucia 2023 under the theme: Carnival is not for one but for all.  RUBIS has answered the call as a sponsor of our biggest celebration of Arts and Culture.”

Thanking RUBIS for its partnership, she said the company was a valuable contributor to the overall objectives of the cultural festival.

“As a partner of Saint Lucia Carnival 2023, RUBIS is helping to build on the four pillars of our Carnival experience: National Pride, Community Engagement, Safety and Healthy Living, and Youth Development through Arts and Culture. We thank RUBIS for their partnership. Remember, Vaval is ours…doh mash it up!”

Assistant Account Executive Tamika Celestin said RUBIS was delighted to be able to play a key role in supporting the national festival.

“This is our first time sponsoring carnival, and we are happy that we answered that call.  It feels great to be a part of our rich culture and history and to celebrate the arts and culture in the biggest way possible. The partnership with the planning and management committee has been great thus far, and we hope to continue supporting the arts and culture for years to come.”