St. Vincent Motors RUBIS excels in customer service

Each year the RUBIS Customer Pulse program recognizes and rewards the top two RUBIS service stations for achieving excellence in customer service throughout the year. Service standards are measured by mystery shoppers who visit the station twice per quarter to observe and assess the quality of service offered by staff. In St Vincent, the teams of St Vincent Motors and Peruvian Vale RUBIS Service Stations, attained first and second place respectively in this coveted award for 2022.

The team at St Vincent Motors RUBIS Service Station has topped the list on six occasions over the last ten years achieving first place on four occasions and second place twice. Each achievement drives them to go above and beyond, giving their best to customers. Likewise, the team from Peruvian Vale RUBIS has been listed among the top RUBIS stations offering excellent customer service on seven occasions since joining the network in 2014.

Loren Gun-Munro, Manager at St. Vincent Motors Limited RUBIS noted, “In an industry where customer service is key, an extra pair of eyes to gauge our customer service is paramount. I want to thank my staff for their continued effort in ensuring that the customers’ needs are placed first. Furthermore, I want to thank RUBIS for their insight in having such a program which not only monitors the customers’ experience but also rewards the Service Ambassadors for delivering quality customer care.”

Evadnie Creese, Manager of Harmony Investment Peruvian Vale RUBIS said, “Delivering excellent quality customer service is one of the main objectives in helping to promote the RUBIS brand at Harmony Investments Ltd and we were delighted to have placed second in the program for 2022. Congratulations to first place winner St. Vincent Motors Limited, we are planning to win in 2023. We thank RUBIS for implementing a program, where not only the customers can benefit but employees and management. The team will continue to stay committed to the brand and ensure our customers know how valuable they are to our business.”

Elroy Edwards, RUBIS Country Representative commented, “RUBIS values excellent customer service and encourages all employees under the RUBIS umbrella to focus on understanding the needs of those they serve both internally and externally. Our emphasis is on providing top quality service with the expectation that customers will be treated respectfully, professionally and with a sense of care. I want to recognize the employees of both St. Vincent Motors Limited and Harmony Investment Peruvian Vale who have made exceptional contributions in delivering superior quality service to our customers. It is my expectation that they will produce even better results for 2023.”