St. Vincent – Peruvian Vale and St. Vincent Motors RUBIS excel in customer service

Providing excellent customer service at its service stations is a cornerstone of the RUBIS philosophy. The top performing service stations in the RUBIS 2021 Customer Pulse program were recently rewarded. The Customer Pulse program measures the quality of customer service delivered at RUBIS service stations in the Eastern Caribbean, through mystery shops conducted by a third-party provider. Station employees and retailers in each country, with the most outstanding results, are rewarded for providing first-rate service.

In St. Vincent, Peruvian Vale and St. Vincent Motors RUBIS Service Stations jointly achieved top station in the RUBIS network based on their excellent customer service scores in the mystery shops, demonstrating commitment and dedication to excellence in their approach to customer service. Both stations have received top awards for the past five consecutive years, with Peruvian Vale taking the top spot on seven occasions since 2014.
Evadnie Creese, Manager at Peruvian Vale RUBIS said that she and her team were proud to work with RUBIS to inculcate a service excellence mindset at the station. She explained, “The RUBIS brand is of a very high quality and our main objective is to ensure that every customer interaction is a satisfying one. We will continue to strive for excellence, by promoting teamwork and staying committed to the brand, thus ensuring our customers know how valuable they are to our business. A special thank you to our team for their dedication and hard work in making sure that our customers are pleased with our service and thus ensuring we remain in the top position each year.”

Manager at St. Vincent Motors RUBIS, Loren Gun-Munro commented, “We would like to thank Team RUBIS for their vision in implementing the Customer Pulse Program. Over the years the program continues to serve as a motivating factor for our Service Ambassadors and contributes to our station providing excellent customer service. We look forward to the continuation of this great initiative in the future. ”

Elroy Edwards, RUBIS Accounts Executive, congratulated the two winning stations on rising to the occasion and offering consistently great customer service despite the unprecedented challenges of the year. He explained, “I would like to extend our appreciation to the teams at Peruvian Vale and St. Vincent Motors RUBIS for jointly winning the 2021 RUBIS Customer Pulse Program. We recognise not only the dedication and effort of the Service Ambassadors but also the support of Managers Loren Gun-Munro and Evadnie Creese in making the program a success. We expect that the standards will be upheld in 2022.”