Sunset Crest RUBIS tops customer service in Barbados

Delivering excellent customer service remains the top priority for RUBIS service stations. The energy company recently rewarded the top performing service stations in its 2020 Customer Pulse program across the Eastern Caribbean. The Customer Pulse program measures the quality of customer service delivered at RUBIS service stations in the Eastern Caribbean, through mystery shops conducted by a third-party provider. Station employees and retailers in each country, with the most outstanding results, are rewarded for providing first-rate service.

In Barbados, Sunset Crest RUBIS Service Station was the top station in the RUBIS network followed by the team from RUBIS Kirtons in second place. This is the first time that the team from Sunset Crest RUBIS has placed in the top spot since the program started. Kirtons RUBIS has been in the top two spots on several occasions as they have created a standard for excellent customer service.

Everton Leacock, Manager at Sunset Crest RUBIS said, “Hard work and dedication really pays off. At the Sunset Crest Service Station, we appreciate the customer service training provided by RUBIS. As a result all employees have been asked to embrace the training, I told them that if they did we would win the Customer Pulse Program, which we did. There is still room for improvement, but we are looking forward to winning again this year if Covid-19 allows it. It is the first time that Sunset Crest Service Station has won, and as Manager I’m grateful to all the staff who made this possible.”

Amina Green, RUBIS Accounts Executive, remarked, “Customer Service continues to be of utmost importance to our Brand. We remain committed to providing exceptional service through the dedication of our Retailers and service station staff and we wish to thank all stations for striving towards service excellence.