System upgrade from Team RUBIS Guyana brings water relief to the students of Timehri Primary School

The students of Timehri Primary School are now enjoying an efficient and reliable water supply following the upgrade of their water system with an investment of US$5,700 from Team RUBIS.

The refurbished system was officially handed over to the staff and pupils of Timehri at the end of the last school term.

Spearheaded by Rabindranauth Sanichara, RUBIS Aviation Superintendent at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, the project involved the replacement of valves, water troughs, and repairing leaks in the old water system. A RUBIS contractor completed the upgrade work, and the system now operates as a hybrid between gravity flow and pressurized flow.

Head Teacher of Timehri Primary School, Ian Cush, in accepting on behalf of the staff, pupils and parents of the school, expressed sincere gratitude to RUBIS and Mr. Sanichara in particular, for taking an interest in the Timehri Primary School.

“We thank him for observing our water system, seeing that it needed urgent repairs, and immediately starting this intervention to upgrade it.  We are proud to know that our stakeholder from the business community saw our need and was able to expeditiously coordinate this important project. I am blissful, knowing that there are no more leakages to be seen, and we as beneficiaries are now exposed to an upgraded water system and a supply of clean pure water which in my estimation will serve us for many years ahead,” Mr. Cush said.

RUBIS Accounts Executive, Joylyn Johnson, said the Company was pleased to be associated with the project. “Each of us can look back to our school days and appreciate the importance of having access to water. While the need for water is self-explanatory, the demand for it has heightened with soaring temperatures and penetrating heat levels. We are pleased that the lack of water is no longer an administrative burden on the school, since RUBIS has answered the call by revamping the water system.”

Project spearhead, Rabindranauth Sanichara, RUBIS Aviation Superintendent, with Head Teacher, Ian Cush, and Joylyn Johnson, RUBIS Accounts Executive.