Team Rubis supports e-learning in Barbados

Rubis Barbados recently made a donation of 20 Apple iPads and 12 MiFi devices to the students at Ann Hill School.

The donation was in direct response to the Ministry of Education’s request for Apple iPads, rather than traditional tablets for these students as they are better suited for their needs. Andrea Gooding, Marketing Manager Rubis, said, “The fact that these devices would be more suitable for the children who go to school here and thus better assist them in their learning process was a driving factor for Rubis.” She added, “Often special needs children are visual learners therefore providing them with the option to learn by watching, listening or reading assists in the development of their knowledge base and other key skills.”

Ms Gooding explained that the Ministry also advised that there were some children at the school who did not have access to the internet to attend the online learning sessions. The company therefore took the opportunity to also source 12 portable broadband device that would allow the students access to a mobile broadband internet connection. In addition, the devices were donated with 3 months 2GB data packages so the students could remain online during their vacation until the resumption of school. She confirmed, “When the country shut down in April, we felt a strong need to lend support in all the Eastern Caribbean countries in which we operate, from Antigua in the north to Suriname in the south. Initially our donations included the supply of vital PPE equipment to the various Ministries of Health.” She added, “As the pandemic progressed, we also looked to see how we could assist with other important social initiatives and this led us to support the Ministry of Education and Ann Hill School here in Barbados.” Rubis also thanked the iShop and Digicel for their assistance in helping to source the iPads and MiFi devices.

Principal of the Ann Hill School, Emelda Belle, thanked Rubis for the donation, saying, “These devices will go a long way in helping to give our students the opportunity to gain the skills and practice in using this form of technology as we build and go forward in the new school year.”