Team RUBIS supports Elder Abuse Awareness Day motorcade

The Barbados Alzheimer’s Association recently organized a motorcade to the Bayville community on Elder Abuse Awareness Day, in a continuing effort to combat elder abuse and educate the public about better elder care.

Held in collaboration with the National Assistance Board, the initiative aimed to raise public awareness and demonstrate to community residents how they could contribute to eradicating abuse in their community. The teams distributed literature that provided valuable information to assist residents in taking better care of their elderly. RUBIS supported the community initiative by providing care packages for distribution throughout the community.

Pamelia Brereton, president of the Barbados Alzheimer’s Association, recognised the need to educate and support relatives in caring for the increasing number of older people in society. She said she was pleased with the event’s success.

Volunteers from the Alzheimer’s Association, the National Assistance Board, and the Department of Emergency Management assisted in distributing the care packages to the vulnerable in the Bayville area.

Raydeen Hunte, RUBIS Network Brand Coordinator, said the Company was pleased with the project’s success and looked forward to doing it again. She commented, “We believe that education on the care of the elderly is an important step in helping families understand how to better attend to the needs of their elderly relatives and what support resources are available to assist them in meeting the challenges of daily life.”

Raydeen Hunte, RUBIS Network Brand Coordinator (right) with the president of the Barbados Alzheimer’s Association, Pamelia Brereton, and Cyril Burke, PRO.