Team RUBIS welcomes Chefette Fun Run back to the road

Another staple on the local events calendar, the Chefette Fun Run, is receiving a warm welcome back on the road in 2023 from Team RUBIS.  Following a three-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the much anticipated annual fundraiser will be back on the South Coast on Sunday, May 28th, and RUBIS is among corporate sponsors keen to show support for a rousing return.

Noting that RUBIS has been a sponsor since 2017, Network Brand Coordinator, Raydeen Hunte said the Chefette Fun Run, as a physical activity, had been sorely missed by participants, sponsors and other stakeholders including the beneficiary charities. Miss Hunte said, “Team RUBIS joins all of Barbados in welcoming the Chefette Fun Run back to the road in 2023. We are pleased to continue our sponsorship of this event in the interest of charitable beneficiaries, including Auntie Olga’s Needy Children’s Fund through the Variety – The Children’s Charity of Barbados; the Precious Touch Foundation; and the YMCA Breakfast Program. We are particularly excited to be part of this return event, which allows us to contribute to these charities and support and encourage healthy lifestyles in Barbados.”

The six-kilometre race will start from Chefette Rockley and conclude at Chefette Fontabelle. Fun runners passing by Garrison Rubis Service Station can take the opportunity to refresh themselves at a water stop which will be manned by the Team RUBIS family.