TeamRUBIS spreads Christmas cheer

As part of our annual Christmas outreach initiative, TeamRUBIS recently paid a visit to the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre (MHRC) in Calliaqua to donate food items, hand sanitisers and hand sanitiser dispensers.

Dr Elizabeth Medford, Senior Nursing Officer at the MHRC was grateful to RUBIS for their support during the Yuletide season. She said, “We thank RUBIS for their kind donation and for remembering us at this time. We have a patient population of over 200 on any given day so this is very much welcomed, and it would lift the spirits of our patients to know that they are still remembered and loved”. Dr. Medford continued, “We pray God’s continued blessing on RUBIS as they continue to reach out and ensure that the vulnerable have a very happy and comfortable holiday season”.

In presenting the donation, Elroy Edwards, Account Executive, RUBIS explained, “RUBIS was moved to donate to the facility and is pleased to lend a helping hand to improve the care and lives of patients. We believe that companies should supplement the contributions that are made by the Government . Quite often the MHRC is not on the public’s radar and is oftentimes neglected, and RUBIS wants to change that.”

This donation was a part of the company’s efforts to spread Christmas cheer and goodwill. The initiative also included donations of food baskets to the elderly and needy in the areas of Fancy, Owia, London and Sandy Bay.