Ultra Tec LSD

What is Ultra Tec Low Sulphur Diesel?

LSD is the abbreviation for Ultra Tec Low Sulphur Diesel. Ultra Tec Low Sulphur Diesel is a cleaner burning fuel that has been refined so that its sulphur content is lower than regular diesel fuel. It produces less black smoke and less exhaust odor. New vehicle engines work better with lower sulphur diesel. However, its corrosion inhibitors will protect any vehicle or engine whether it’s old or new.

What makes Ultra Tec Low Sulphur Diesel different?

Ultra Tec LSD contains 500 – 1000 ppm (parts per million) of sulphur while regular diesel has 5000 ppm.

Benefits of LSD

Protects Vital Engine Parts

  • Lowers maintenance costs through reduced wear and tear
  • Excellent engine corrosion protection
  • Improves water separation and prevents emulsion formulation

Maximises Engine Performance

  • Keeps combustion chamber clean
  • Clean injectors by removing deposits
  • Restores lost power

Improves Fuel Efficiency

  • Reduces unburned fuel
  • Reduces foam formation for faster refueling

Lowers Emissions

  • Reduces sulphur dioxide emissions
  • Reduces black smoke exhaust fumes
  • Significantly improves are quality

Any diesel vehicle or equipment engine that uses diesel can use Low Sulphur Diesel. It is better for the environment and better for your engine than regular diesel.

Ultra Tec Low Sulphur Diesel is available in St. Lucia.