Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Government directives, station hours are subject to change on a regular basis. Please refer to our Facebook page for updates.

Barbarees RUBIS, St Michael246 622-4940
Belleplaine RUBIS, St. Andrew246 418-6736
Benthams RUBIS, St. Lucy246 439-8416
Coverley RUBIS, The Villages at Coverley, Christ Church246 622-0131
Eagle Hall RUBIS, St. Michael246 426-4753
Fontabelle RUBIS, St. Michael246 622-1668
Four Roads RUBIS, St. John246 433-0001
Garrison RUBIS, St. Michael246 426-2683
Harmony Hall RUBIS, St. Michael246 426-5347
Kendal Hill RUBIS, Christ Church246 418-6624
Kirtons RUBIS, St Philip246 416-5106/3935
Market Hill RUBIS, St. George246 437-9807
Mapp Hill RUBIS, St. Michael246 427-0371
My Lords Hill RUBIS, St. Michael246 426-6330
Oistins RUBIS, Christ Church246 418-0723
Road View RUBIS, St. Peter246 422-2282
Sunset Crest RUBIS, St. James246 419-8305
Wildey RUBIS, St. Michael246 437-8352